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Meeting time: After service (11AM - 12:30PM)
Meeting location: Conversation cafe 
Leader: Jacob Stafford
Membership: All ages (youth, teens, and adults) are welcome to participate! 

Vision: Matthew 24:14
We want to see the gospel prevailing everywhere. We want to see people going out, sharing the gospel, growing with disciples, gathering together, and guiding new leaders. This ministry is about going out to share the gospel with everyone. So everyone is trained on how to create a bridge in a conversation to spiritual things, and then share the gospel. Disciples grow together as they meet to be trained. So we follow a process that works for discipleship, mentoring, and fellowship. It's called a three-thirds. People meet like this one-on-one and in groups gathered together. Once groups are made and the process is going well, the leader will start guiding new leaders. The new leaders will take over the group or multiply the process to other groups. So the format is intentionally simple and reproducible because believers can share it with others. It is a pattern for ministry to multiply. This process enables people to make multiplying generations of disciple-makers.

Three-thirds process explained:
This process creates a standard for believers to do their meetings. It starts with group care, worship, loving accountability, and vision casting, all in the first third. Next there is a teaching that is appropriate for the context, for the second third. Then there is goal setting, practice, and time for prayer, for the last third. That is a three-thirds meeting.
After becoming a member, a PDF of this process is available under the RESOURCES

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